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The Ostrava-Opava campaign, which brought freedom to the city of Ostrava and its people, is noted within the context of WWII as one of the largest military campaigns in Czechoslovakia. In the campaign to seize Ostrava at the turn of April and May 1945, over 1,500 casualties were recorded among the Red Army, the 1st Czechoslovak tank brigade, and civilians.

70 years have passed since those events, yet Ostrava has not forgotten the bravery and commitment of its liberators. The city has combined its efforts with the regional administration, the regional military command, and clubs of military history to commemorate the anniversary with an attractive variety of events. The schedule highlights are the remembrance rally at the monument to the Red Army in the Komenský Gardens and events on Masaryk Square and outside the castle in Slezská Ostrava. Open to the public, these events include an army parade and a presentation of both historic and current military equipment, a re-enactment of clashes in the liberation campaign, and art/music events. Details of the military action 70 years ago are presented in the thematic exhibitions in the New Municipal Hall and in the Museum of Ostrava.

The commemoration activities to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation include this website, featuring exact details of the front-line movements and the course of the campaign to liberate Ostrava and the Moravian-Silesian region.

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